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Docker & Rancher Training

Had a great 2-day training session learning about Docker and Rancher led by Ed Marshall from Infinity Works Consulting. Ed is working on a large scale deployment of Rancher for a client and we also had chance for a quick video call with Rancher to ask questions and share our feedback.

Rancher, amongst other things, helps you to load containers into your infrastructure, configure load balancing via built-in HAProxy and setup deployment processes.

In a day, we managed to setup and push an app through a release pipeline - setting up a CI system for building code from a Git repo, an images registry for building Docker images, Amazon infrastructure, SSL certificates from Lets Encrypt, and container deployment and scaling using Rancher / Docker.

The Rancher tools made deploying the containers very simple - I could imagine Rancher making virtualisation redundant in some situations. Definitely worth a look.