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Mob Programming and No Estimates at Agile in Leeds

Last week, I went to Agile In Leeds [0] where Woody Zuill (proponent of Mob Programming) hosted a lean coffee (leancoffee.org). I’m a big fan of lean coffee and I use it all the time for running meetings, but it’s the first time I’ve been to a meetup where it’s been used.

Woody joined each table for a topic or two and shared his knowledge and experience with the group, particularly around the reasons for estimating (or not) and the technique of mob programming.

It’s definitely the most sociable way to run a meetup I’ve seen, much more engaging than a presentation/talk driven session. Also, breaking up a group into smaller groups to do lean coffee, rather than having large-scale lean coffee sessions gives people a chance to have more of a conversation than a Q&A session.