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Go 1.8 Release Party

Last week, Go Meetup groups around the world arranged events on the same day to celebrate the release of Go 1.8, so I decided to get my city (Leeds, UK) involved and organised an event.

Alan [0] from Hitachi Capital did a talk on his team’s experience of adopting Go, I talked about why I think it’s worth learning Go, and Craig Andrews [1] did an update on what’s new in Go 1.8.

My slides are up online at [2]

I had no idea whether there would be any interest and had just planned to use the Infinity Works office, but when I put tickets up on EventBrite, 30 went really quickly. Infinity Works then kindly sponsored both an event space and the bar for the night.

We did a hands-on session after the talks and all the speakers helped people to get Go installed and to write their first programs - everyone got at least past “Hello, World!” with a lot of people getting to running Web servers, and some writing Web scrapers.