Best-case video conference

Everyone is using a USB headset.

  • Phone headsets sound awful.
  • Music headphones pick up too much background noise.
  • Laptop audio picks up way too much background noise.

Everyone mutes their audio when they’re not speaking.

  • It reduces the overall background noise on the audio.

Everyone has joined from their own computer.

  • It’s difficult to hear remotely what’s going on in a room, typically the remote people get a worse experience than the people in the office.

Everyone has their video switched on.

  • Be brave and be the first person to switch the camera on.

We’re using a tool that works without a complex client installation (, Google Meet) so everyone is on time.

Everyone is actually listening so that when a question, they can answer.

Everyone is on WiFi.

  • Being on the receiving end of someone joining a video call on their phone’s mobile network is awful.

Everyone is in a quiet place.

  • Public transport isn’t the ideal place to take a business call.
  • Loud distractions (ping pong, music, people) ruin calls.